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Changing Hands to be released

Changing Hands CoverHi everyone,

I’m very excited to announce that CHANGING HANDS will be released this month.

As many of you know this book is by far the closest to my heart and the most emotional I’ve written thus far. If you want to read more, please feel free to visit the CHANGING HANDS page.

When the exact release date is set, I will make an announcement.

Happy reading!

It’s my birthday!

Hey everyone,

This weekend is my birthday and I wanted ya’ll to help me celebrate.  (Cue “Happy Birthday” music…)

So…Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Mar 29-31) TURNING POINT and THE SACRIFICE will be FREE Kindle Downloads.

It would be a spectacular birthday gift if my readers could help me hit #1 on Amazon. Will you help? Did I mention that it’s FREE?

Click on the links below to receive your free copy of TURNING POINT and THE SACRIFICE.

Turning Point Preview Cover_Half The Sacrifice Book Cover

To err is human…to forgive divine.

Hi all.

I seem to be writing about forgiveness a lot lately. My latest book SECOND CHANCES is all about the act of forgiveness.

As some of you know, I believe in reincarnation. I’m not quite as ravenous as Shirley MacLaine…don’t worry. But I can’t imagine that this single, solitary life is all the time we have to learn the lessons we need to learn and to get it right. The universe cannot be that shortsighted and single-minded.

Be that as it may, whether you believe in reincarnation or not, most of us would agree that each human being has a lesson to learn during their lifetime. One underlying message or morale that we keep being tested on, challenged with, until we get it right.

Mine is forgiveness…

I’ve had people break my heart, betray my trust, hurt me terribly. We all have. I’m not unique in my experience of being hurt. But where I am unique is that I have a hard time forgiving those who hurt me. I put up walls and shut people out so I won’t be hurt by them. I’d rather walk away than take the risk. Beyond learning how to forgive, I also need to learn how to let things go–how to let people go–when they are not good for me.  And–now this is a big epiphany for me–I can forgive someone and let them go at the same time. Just because I forgive them, doesn’t mean they get back into my life…it simply means, I am choosing to let go of the hurt and move on.

Furthermore–and I think this is the bigger lesson for me–is that I am learning to ask for forgiveness. Imagine for a moment, the vulnerability and courage it takes to reach out to someone who is angry with you or hurt by you and risking it all by asking for them to forgive you. To let you make amends. To let you back into their life. The beautiful thing about forgiveness is when you receive it–the hardest part is when you ask for it and you don’t get it. But I believe the act of asking for forgiveness is an incredible task and takes a great amount of strength and bravery. Equally courageous is granting forgiveness to the person that has harmed you.

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox. But if you take anything from this post it is this: if you have hurt someone, don’t let the sun set today without asking them to forgive you; and if the shoe is on the other foot, search your heart and find a way to forgive someone and if appropriate, let them back into your heart. I will do the same….I promise.


Publishing a book is not for the faint of heart…


Well, this has been a trying couple of months. I think I am through the worst of it.

However, I am in the thick of agent rejections which can be very discouraging. Some I know haven’t even taken the time to read but the first couple of lines…how can they possibly decide whether or not they want to represent me based on that? Others, take too much time and tear me to pieces. I’m not sure which I would prefer.

Either way, I’m not giving up. Being able to self-publish TURNING POINT has really bolstered my confidence and I know that someday, the perfect agent will pick up my query and everything will fall into place. All I have to do is have faith…and wait.

I wish you all the happiest of holidays and best wishes in the New Year.

Deborah Busby