“Turning Point”

TURNING POINT is a Great Northwest Book Festival winner.


Turning Point Book Cover_New Design_Half

Now Available on ebook and in paperback

Promises are made for life…
At thirty-eight, Belle feels like her life has hit a dead end. The once-aspiring novelist and devoted daughter abandoned her dreams in order to take care of her dying mother and made a vow that would forever change her future. Belle’s marriage to an abusive husband, whose skeletons take up most of their closet, is nearly unbearable. She endures, clinging to the false hope that things will be better…someday.

Then someday comes…
Landon, a recent college graduate, comes into town looking for a summer job at Turning Point, the bookstore Belle inherited. Even though he’s young and handsome, she just can’t shake the mysterious quality about him. She admired him as he represents everything she longs for…freedom, choices, and the possibility of true love.

Turning Point…
The past and present collide when Belle realizes who Landon is, her husband’s connection to him, and the fact that in spite of everything, she has fallen in love with him. A love that should never be.

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