“Her Second Act”

Her Second Act Book Cover_New Design_Half

Now available on ebook and in paperback.

Previously released as “To Hamlet, With Love”

They say hindsight is twenty-twenty. For aspiring playwright Drew Carlisle, looking back brings nothing but regret and sorrow. A heat of the moment decision to turn away from the man she loved and into the arms of the wrong person, is a mistake she has mourned forever. Since that terrible night, she’s been hiding from every failure and every catastrophe. It seems that she can only leave pain and misery in her wake. But all that is about to change…

When Drew takes a chance and returns to Portland State University, her ground zero, she finds Stetson Marshall still there. Once her own personal Hamlet, she followed him around like Ophelia, living for the scraps of attention he threw her way. Yet even now he doesn’t seem to remember things the same way she does. Can Drew find the strength to face him and the pain he caused her? Or will her feelings for him once again be the undoing of her and her sobriety?

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