Hartstrings Trio

Book One of the Hartstrings Trio

Now available on ebook and in paperback.

Two women.

Born on opposite sides of the world.

Both experience catastrophic loss.

Until their lives intersect…

Laura is a young woman who has it all. A loving husband who has just begun his private medical practice. A beautiful home nestled in the hills north of San Diego. A promising counseling career. Life has given her everything she could ever hope for. Or has it? Despite appearances, there is one thing Laura wishes for and desires more than anything else…the one thing that life won’t give her. And the pursuit of that one thing nearly destroyed her.

Adrianna, a refugee in a foreign land, has left behind a home ravaged by war. In her arms, she clings to her new baby girl as they travel across the country to their new life. Adrianna has lost her husband, her parents, and the only man she ever truly loved. The only thing the young mother clings to besides her precious baby girl is a glimmer of hope that her life will be better than the one she left behind.

Fate brings the two women together and they are drawn to one another as kindred spirits, each recognizing a familiar pain in the other. Can their new friendship heal old wounds and navigate the pitfalls that come with starting over? And what happens when Laura’s new best friend makes a choice she will never be able to comprehend?

The Deepest Corner of the Heart is the first in a three-book series and explores the choices we make in our lives and how resilient the human spirit is in the face of life-shattering loss.

Now available on ebook and in paperback.

From the outside, everyone believes that Laura Hart is a woman who has it all. The Hartstrings Adoption Agency, which she started on her dining room table, is now thriving. Her husband Martin is the Chief of Internal Medicine at the hospital where has worked for well over a decade. And Katarina, their adopted daughter, on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, has grown into a beautiful young woman.

But things are rarely perfect for very long….

When Katarina starts acting up, Laura is concerned, while Martin chalks it up to typical teenage angst. Laura wants to deal with it and Martin wants to ignore it. But then Katarina starts asking questions—typical questions that all adoptees ask—and Laura is faced with one of the most difficult challenges of parenting and in her marriage.

In the midst of the chaos with Katarina, Laura discovers a devastating secret. One that turns her life upside down and shatters her perfect family and her idyllic life—and on the same day, life throws her another curveball she never imagined would happen. Confused and heartbroken, Laura turns to the only person who could understand what she is going through: Adrianna. Can her dearest friend help Laura make sense of her life and put things back together?

And…is Adrianna ready to tell Katarina her secret?

Deepest Desire of the Heart is the second in a three-book series and explores the relationship between mothers and daughters, how to heal a marriage that has been torn apart by infidelity, and how difficult it can be to share a secret that has been kept hidden for so long.

Now available on ebook and in paperback.

Regret is one of the most devastating emotions a person is forced to live with…and it usually begins with the question: What if?

Since the moment her ex-husband Jakob uttered the words, “Alek is alive,” Adrianna’s life has been turned upside down. Every day her world is filled with the question: What if? What if Jakob had never told her that horrible lie? What if Adrianna had never married him? What if she finds Alek? What if he hates her?

It is this endless sea of questions and her own regret that keeps her frozen in place and unable to make a move. If she can’t forgive herself for what has happened, how can she ever expect Alek to forgive her?

Unbeknownst to Adrianna, Katarina has also discovered that her biological father is alive. A headstrong young woman, she is determined to track Alek down and reunite him with Adrianna. It will be their happily ever after…what could possibly go wrong?

And when Alek and Adrianna finally come face to face after almost two decades apart…will their enduring love be able to save them?

Deepest Regret of the Heart is the long-awaited final book in a three-part series. It explores the opportunities of second chances, the long-lasting effects of heartbreak and regret, and how to find forgiveness even in the darkest of times.


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