About Deborah Busby

DSC_9170-2_smallOn any given day, I am a:

  • Mom
  • Wife
  • Writer
  • College English Professor
  • Harry Potter/Twilight/Star Wars/Star Trek enthusiast
  • Downton Abbey addict
  • Reader of all books that are romantic, funny, thought-provoking, and emotional

And depending on the day and my mood, that order is subject to change.

I earned a Master of Education and a Master of Arts: English from Northern Arizona University.  I’m a diehard romantic who always looks for the happy ending in every story and in life. And…I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my husband and children.

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3 thoughts on “About Deborah Busby

  1. James Washburn

    I have recently been offered a contract with kNight Romance Publishing / Mitchell Morris Publishing. I was wondering if you could tell me if your experience with them has been a good one and if you are satisfied in all areas of their service. Thank you very much. I appreciate any advice you might have.

    James Washburn

    1. Debbie Post author

      Hi. I get my inspiration from all kinds of places: a personal experience, a song on the radio, a story in the news. Literally at any time I will get an idea for a story. Great question!


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