Book 3 of the Hartstrings Quartet is now on sale

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to announce that Book 3 in the Hartstrings Quartet is now on sale. In honor of the new release, for the next four days, all of my other books on Kindle are available to download for free.

Have a great weekend!

Deepest Regret of the Heart Book Cover_Half

Now available on ebook and in paperback.

Regret is one of the most devastating emotions a person is forced to live with…and it usually begins with the question: What if?

Since the moment her ex-husband Jakob uttered the words, “Alek is alive,” Adrianna’s life has been turned upside down. Every day her world is filled with the question: What if? What if Jakob had never told her that horrible lie? What if Adrianna had never married him? What if she finds Alek? What if he hates her?

It is this endless sea of questions and her own regret that keeps her frozen in place and unable to make a move. If she can’t forgive herself for what has happened, how can she ever expect Alek to forgive her?

Unbeknownst to Adrianna, Katarina has also discovered that her biological father is alive. A headstrong young woman, she is determined to track Alek down and reunite him with Adrianna. It will be their happily ever after…what could possibly go wrong?

And when Alek and Adrianna finally come face to face after almost two decades apart…will their enduring love be able to save them?

Deepest Regret of the Heart is the long-awaited third book in a four-part series. It explores the opportunities of second chances, the long-lasting effects of heartbreak and regret, and how to find forgiveness even in the darkest of times.

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