Hello everyone,

Happy Fall!

I wanted to let you know that I’m still writing but I am taking a break from publishing any new books. I have decided instead to work on acquiring representation for my writing and hopefully getting my novels published. My dream has always been to see my books on bookstore shelves. I am very excited and equally  nervous to venture back out into the land of agents and publishers but I think that it is time. Don’t worry, I can handle the rejection that will inevitably come but I know that the right agent is out there…somewhere. I just have to find him or her.

I have a very strong manuscript I just finished that I believe is going to attract the attention of that perfect agent. I am looking for a collaborative and long-term relationship with an agent and a publisher.

I hope you all will wish me the best of luck and please know that behind the scenes, I am still writing feverishly and working on several projects that I hope will be published very soon.

Deborah Busby

One thought on “Hiatus

  1. Gerry Smith

    Hi, You may not remember me but I do know you. I worked in Ellens in Choteau and would visit with you when you came in. Was there a sequel to the book Confessions of a Morman. Also was there two more books that followed Deepest Desire of the Heart. I just loved your style of writing and am so happy how well you have done. Best Wishes. Gerry Smith


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