Today is the last day–Summer Reading Sale

book-cup-of-coffee.jpgToday is the last day to get my books for 99¢ on Amazon!

Click the titles below to be taken directly to the Amazon sale page.

Turning Point:

In public, Belle is heralded as the devoted daughter who gave up her own dreams to keep her mother’s alive, but in private she hides a dark secret from the world–until she hires Landon, a young man who refuses to let her hide anything, and Belle’s public and private lives collide with catastrophic consequences. Just when life left her with nothing, he gave her everything to live for.

Changing Hands:

Sadie gave her son up for adoption to give him his best chance—even though it broke her heart. Hayden is now all grown up and needing answers. Armed with only a postmark and an old letter, he sets out on a journey to find his birthmother. From beginning to end, you are drawn to the reunion of mother and child. The events that take place keep you turning pages. Just how do you find your mother? Should you attempt to seek out your child? And do you really want to know?

One Wish:

If you could go back in time and change one decision, what would it be?  This is the opportunity Claire is given with after saving the life of an old woman. A chance that some of us only dream of: the opportunity to go back in time and change her life.

Her Second Act:

In a split second, Drew made a decision that changed her life. She turned away from the man she loved into the arms of the wrong person. Now she has a chance to go back and change it all. Will she have the strength to face her mistakes and fix them? Or will it be her undoing?

Deepest Corner of the Heart:

Laura seemed to have it all, but longed for the one thing life wouldn’t give her. Adrianna had lost everything, except for the one thing that truly mattered.

The Sacrifice (FREE on Kindle!)

Duty. Honor. These are the words Casey Atwood lives by and then he meets Sahar who changes everything.

Happy reading!

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