Theresa Park

Hello everyone,

Is it wrong to stalk an agent? 🙂 I suppose it is a little creepy, so I won’t.

The truth of the matter is, I’ve been down this agent road before. I know there are good agents out there…somewhere. One of those is Theresa Park.

Why my obsession with this agent?

Well, she represents many of the authors that I ravenously read and am devoted to, i.e. Nicholas Sparks and Debbie Macomber, to name just two.

So, my goal for 2013: I will publish The Sacrifice (January 2013) and Changing Hands (February 2013) AND then I will use my three published novels to get Theresa’s attention.

All suggestions and ideas about how to get an agent’s attention are welcome.

Here’s to stalking (in a non-creepy way) Theresa Park.


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